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About us
Rare American Parts was officially established in 2017 by Demolition Derby competitor
Melvin J. Chikato.  He realized that the cars he was wrecking-just for a chance at
winning a $1,500 first place purse were worth far more than the elusive purse itself.

Selling the parts from these now Classic Cars would accomplish several things for Mel.
Bring in cash to support Team Sluggo Racing (established 1978) and putting 
these now valuable and sometimes Rare Parts in the hands of fellow auto enthusiasts
who need them, rather than just destroying them. You see, Mel is one of those guys
who hates to throw things away if they still have some use left in them. Mel still crashes
in Derbies, but only in cars that have all the sellable parts removed or replaced with
unsellable ones.

So please browse through our growing inventory and see if there is something you need.
The website is new and there may be a glitch or two lurking in the shadows, but we will
do everything in our power to insure your inquiries get a prompt response, and that you
are completely satisfied with your experience and hopefully purchase at
RareAmericanParts.Com. You might want to visit Mel’s E-bay Store: The Acton Trading
Post for more interesting and unusual stuff. Please note the Feedback Score. 

It speaks for itself!

Happy Hunting!
Mel and his Crew

Thank you
for visiting

Mel and his Crew

" Some people may call this junk, Mel calls it Treasure! 
You be the judge! "
Mel Chikato, and his dog "Otis"
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